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Jimmy Lustig is an active philanthropist. He and his wife created the Lustig Family Foundation.

Month: July 2018

Jimmy Lustig Charity Vs Philanthropy

Charity versus Philanthropy: What’s the Difference?

Often, the words charity and philanthropy are used interchangeably. Both have to do with giving and helping others, so it’s easy to conflate the meaning of the two words. But, the two words have distinct meanings and deal with different areas of world change. To put it in simple terms, charity is giving, while philanthropy […]

Jimmy Lustig Make Most Donations

How to Make the Most out of your Donations

In 2017, Americans donated $410 billion to charities, up 5 percent from 2016. Donating to charity not only helps others, it also helps you feel good about yourself and the positive impact you’re helping make. Here are three things to consider to make the most out of your charitable donations.   Do your research Unfortunately, […]

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