Becoming a philanthropist is much easier than you think and doesn’t always take millions of dollars. A philanthropist is anyone who is seeking to promote the welfare of others and does so through a donation of money and time. To help get started as a philanthropist, consider doing the following things:


Develop a strategy

Is there a specific reason you want to become a philanthropist? While there are particular outcomes from charitable giving, knowing precisely what you want to do will help get you on the right track for giving back.


Complete research

Once you have a solid strategy in place, it’s time to start the research process. Start by browsing the internet or reading books at your local library. Create a list of the best charities in your area and then choose what is most important to you and complete additional research. As you break down your list, look at the different ways the organization uses their donations and what their impact on the community is.



Volunteer opportunities are all around you and being a philanthropist is much more than giving money. It also has to do with volunteering. You can find volunteer opportunities on websites dedicated to listing opportunities and matching people and their skills to initiatives that can use their help. Volunteer opportunities can also be found through word of mouth. You can also find volunteer opportunities by approaching organizations you care about and ask them where you can help out. Keep in mind there are many volunteer activities available around the holidays.


Share your philanthropy

Once you find a cause you’re passionate about, share it with your friends, family, and coworkers. Tell them why this particular cause is so important to you and how they can get involved as well. You can also invite them to volunteer activities, ask them to help out at events or even encourage them to get involved with their own charities and organizations.  



Every little bit helps. You do not have to be wealthy to donate to charities and organizations. To make sure your money is being appropriately used, research the charities before giving. Not all charities and organizations use their donations in the same way. Remember, it’s better to donate a more substantial amount to a few charities and organizations than to give small amounts to many different charities and organizations.