Jimmy Lustig | Lustig Family Foundation

Jimmy Lustig is an active philanthropist. He and his wife created the Lustig Family Foundation.

Month: December 2018

Jimmy Lustig Five Charitable Celebrities

Five of the Most Charitable Celebrities

Celebrities all around the world are dedicated to philanthropy. Many have started their own foundations that aim to tackle a specific area of need for the world. These five celebrities are only some of the many who are doing their part to make the world better for everyone. Leonardo DiCaprio Since 1998, DiCaprio has raised […]

Jimmy Lustig Philanthropy Makes You Happier

Does Philanthropy Make You Happier?

When you participate in philanthropy, you’re helping to make the world a little bit better for someone else. But does giving help make your world a bit better as well? Researchers have found that when we give to charity, our brain reacts similarly as it does when we eat chocolate, proving that doing good for […]

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