When you participate in philanthropy, you’re helping to make the world a little bit better for someone else. But does giving help make your world a bit better as well? Researchers have found that when we give to charity, our brain reacts similarly as it does when we eat chocolate, proving that doing good for others is also good for us. Here are four ways to maximize your happiness when giving back.

Give to specific projects
When organizations that are framed tangibly, you give three times as much and feel happier doing so. Same goes for projects, where you give two times as much. When it’s clear where your money is going in an organization and is helping real people, it helps you to feel that you’re making a real difference. It helps to fight that feeling of “am I even making a difference” that sometimes surrounds donations. Choose a specific project or organization that is focusing on an area you are passionate about.

Give more often in smaller amounts
Giving a lot of money to an organization one time has less of an effect on your happiness than giving smaller amounts of money more often. Spreading out your donations across multiple charities will help you to feel happier and as though you are making an impact in many different areas. A giving circle may be a good idea as it allows you to give regularly and choose who you support. Throughout the year, you can also stay conscious of any good opportunities and donate when they arise.

Give without strings
A lot of companies make promises to donate a certain portion of proceeds when you make a purchase or reward you in exchange for donating money. Giving in these circumstances limits the happiness you receive from a donation. It takes you out of the “how can I help others” mindset and puts you in the “how can I make the most out of my money” mindset. To maximize your happiness, choose to give to organizations when you’re not getting anything in return.

Give when you know who you’re helping
Putting a name and a face to a donation makes your impact seem more real, which helps make you happier. Seeing a name and a face also makes you give 60 percent more than you would without it. Child sponsorship programs are an excellent choice for you to see exactly who you’re helping and how. Other charities will share individual stories from people helped, even though donations are used to support more than one person.