Being philanthropic means that a person has to be engaged in activities that geared towards changing the society or the local community for better. A large number of people perform philanthropic activities, only they do not know how they can maximize the impact of their actions. Here are some essential tips about how charitable activities can be implemented to have the most impact on the community.


Conduct Extensive Research

Before donating, individuals should research how charitable organizations will use their money. It is crucial to commit money to non-profit organizations that employ more than 70 percent of the money they receive for direct social change, rather than those that use a large percentage of funds to cover overhead costs. Luckily, several tools can assist in finding the best charitable organizations such as Charity Navigator and GuideStar.


Explore Crowdfunding

Technology can help a person to create awareness, hence maximizing their philanthropic activities. For example, a person can choose to go on online platforms and look for a charity that they want to contribute in such as drilling water wells in Africa. After donating, one can share the cause through social platforms which may encourage other individuals to give as well. One person can’t make a significant difference on their own, but a large group of people can donate enough money to have an impact.


Ask About Corporate Matching

Another emerging opportunity that charitable individuals can adopt is using the corporate matching strategy. A large number of companies are encouraging their employees to donate after which they will match their contribution dollar to dollar. By using this strategy, an individual can make the employer a charity partner, who will be helping in creating social change by increasing or doubling their charity contributions.


Define Vision for Change

Philanthropists should not just contribute their hard earned money for the sake of it. They should go to an extra mile of defining what their money should be used for. Most of the visions and goals of a charitable person are advised by what they think is right and better for the society. For example, a person can highlight that digging wells for clean water is much better. The impact should also be maximized by measuring success and failures as well.