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Jimmy Lustig is an active philanthropist. He and his wife created the Lustig Family Foundation.

Month: June 2019

Tax Benefits Of Philanthropy James Lustig

The Tax Benefits of Philanthropy

Volunteering in a charitable organization that is important to you can provide many altruistic benefits, like a feeling of selflessness and compassion. Those benefits alone are typically enough for individuals who are heavily involved in philanthropy and serve as a motivating factor to continue to contribute. However, as an added bonus, philanthropic contributions can also […]

Jimmy Lustig Make Philanthropy Second Job

How to Make Philanthropy your Second Job

While you may enjoy the work you do in your regular nine to five job, it may not be very rewarding. For many people, turning to philanthropy can give them an opportunity to do something meaningful. While you may end up working without earning much in the way of monetary compensation, volunteering your time, expertise, […]

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