While you may enjoy the work you do in your regular nine to five job, it may not be very rewarding. For many people, turning to philanthropy can give them an opportunity to do something meaningful. While you may end up working without earning much in the way of monetary compensation, volunteering your time, expertise, or money can help you do something more meaningful.


Achieve immortality

There is no fountain of youth. We all must die someday, but we can be immortal by leaving behind a legacy that will be cherished by others. You can achieve this kind of longevity when you participate in philanthropic projects. Even if you don’t have the resources to fund a cure for cancer or pay for an addition to a university, your smaller acts will be remembered and cherished as well.


Use your talents

It’s easy to sit back and say anyone could design a better irrigation system or create a self-sustaining garden. While that may be true, the fact of the matter is that no one is doing it. When you’re the one to step forward and use your expertise to offer an innovative solution, that’s something that can and should fill you with pride. Even a small act, like organizing a community food drive, will benefit dozens or hundreds of people in need.


Network with other philanthropists

While you didn’t get into philanthropy for personal gain, that’s just what can happen. As you involve yourself with philanthropic events, causes, and organizations, you’ll meet others who share your passion for giving back. This can open up new opportunities for you, which you can use to advance your own career. You will also have the opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships with the people you meet. Philanthropy offers as much to the donors as it does to those in need of charitable donations.


By getting involved in philanthropy, you can change the lives of those in your community, or you can help a community somewhere else in the world. It’s up to you to decide what causes mean the most to you. Whatever you end up doing, your efforts will help make the world a better place and that can be far more enriching than your regular nine to five paycheck.