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Jimmy Lustig is an active philanthropist. He and his wife created the Lustig Family Foundation.

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Jimmy Lustig Love Of Philanthropy Children

How to Foster a Love of Philanthropy in Children

If you’ve made a commitment to living a philanthropic life, it’s important to instill those same values into your children and other children in your family. Some research studies show that children already have a deep-seeded instinct to share and help others. Because children have a natural inclination to give, getting them involved with philanthropy […]

Jimmy Lustig Maximize Philanthropic Impact

How to Maximize your Philanthropic Impact

Being philanthropic means that a person has to be engaged in activities that geared towards changing the society or the local community for better. A large number of people perform philanthropic activities, only they do not know how they can maximize the impact of their actions. Here are some essential tips about how charitable activities […]

Jimmy Lustig Become A Philanthropist

How to Become a Philanthropist

Becoming a philanthropist is much easier than you think and doesn’t always take millions of dollars. A philanthropist is anyone who is seeking to promote the welfare of others and does so through a donation of money and time. To help get started as a philanthropist, consider doing the following things:   Develop a strategy […]

Jimmy Lustig Barbara Davis Center

Nonprofit Spotlight: The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes

The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes is one of the largest diabetes institutions in the world. Located in Aurora, Colorado, the Center specializes in type 1 diabetes research for both children and adults. Through the Center, treatment is provided to pediatric and adult patients through the use of clinics.   The Center also focuses […]

Jimmy Lustig Charity Vs Philanthropy

Charity versus Philanthropy: What’s the Difference?

Often, the words charity and philanthropy are used interchangeably. Both have to do with giving and helping others, so it’s easy to conflate the meaning of the two words. But, the two words have distinct meanings and deal with different areas of world change. To put it in simple terms, charity is giving, while philanthropy […]

Jimmy Lustig Make Most Donations

How to Make the Most out of your Donations

In 2017, Americans donated $410 billion to charities, up 5 percent from 2016. Donating to charity not only helps others, it also helps you feel good about yourself and the positive impact you’re helping make. Here are three things to consider to make the most out of your charitable donations.   Do your research Unfortunately, […]

Don’t Just Donate Your Money — Donate Your Time Too

When it comes to helping others, there are many ways you can get involved. The most obvious one is to donate money. But, donating your time is just as valuable if you don’t have the money to spare or want to see your impact first-hand. Nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of others to keep […]


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