Giving back is an incredibly important part of society. As far back as the first dated interactions between human beings, helping and giving has been woven into the DNA of who we are. Even animals as majestic as an elephant, or bugs as small as ants work together to better impact the greater collective. With so many ways to give, there can be an insurmountable pressure to give everything away. Or the whole situation can be so overwhelming; we’re not sure what to do. It all starts merely with sowing seeds of kindness, from there giving sprouts.

Make A Stranger’s Day

Sometimes the most simple gestures can make a huge difference in your day. Someone cutting you off in traffic can set you on edge for the rest of the day. In contrast, something as simple as holding the door for someone, helping them carry heavy bags, or spotting someone’s coffee. When you can, take the extra step to improve someone’s day.  

Community Involvement

Community involvement is a beautiful way to give back. Most communities and neighborhoods have a variety of ways to get involved in serving the community. You can act as a mentor at a school, program, or Boys and Girls club. You can get together a team of people to help clean up areas that are littered with trash. Many individuals will volunteer at events or activities around holidays or celebrations. 

Pass It On

The argument for whether helping others is a biological default or learned behavior still confuses sociologists and psychologists alike. Teaching others, especially the next generation, is an ideal way to give in a way that affects society long-term, 

Giving is a natural way to better improve the world around us. Change begins with kindness, and kindness starts with you.