The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we socialize, communicate, work, and live. As humans, we feel more fulfilled when we are caring for those in need. Giving back to society can be beneficial to your health; it helps reduce stress levels and make you feel happier. Helping others, especially during this pandemic, is essential as we try to unify communities to fight against the epidemic together. With everything currently on pause, you may be wondering how to help those in need. Here is a list of how you can give back to the community and make a real difference:


Stay in touch with friends and family

Stay connected with people in your inner circle. Find out what they have been up to, how they are doing, and determine if they’re prone to stress and anxiety. Take some time to video call your sister, send your friend a message, and regularly call your parents. Keeping in touch will help everyone reduce stress and feel loved during these uncertain times.


Donate money to non-profit organizations

Many non-profit organizations are currently struggling to make ends meet, especially with the current economic instability and fundraising events canceled due to social distancing measures. Many charity organizations are adjusting to the unprecedented demands in the different areas they serve. If you have more than enough, donate some to charity organizations of your choice. Besides financial donations, you can also grant other things such as blood, clothes, and foodstuff. If you were recently infected with the coronavirus and made a recovery, donate blood to research centers to help scientists find a vaccine.


Support local business and restaurants

By now, many businesses have closed down due to stay-at-home and lock-down orders. There are so many businesses and restaurants in your area owned by people from your community and are struggling with revenues and sales. Consider buying take-out from your favorite local restaurant at least once per week.


Share a message of hope

Take an afternoon off and leave little notes around your neighborhood with messages of inspiration and hope. Write encouraging words on the sidewalk and put up inspirational flyers. You can also use social media to send thank your notes to front-line workers.