Philanthropy is a never-ending endeavor that is designed to promote community well-being and solve problems within a society. Many nonprofit organizations and businesses use philanthropy to change lives and to improve social conditions. The process of philanthropy is always evolving. Every year new trends emerge that help to make the act of philanthropy a more practical and effective activity. The following trends for philanthropy in 2020 will be presented here.


Donors Will Have a More Personal Impact with Giving

Forbes stated that donors want to know that their contributions are making a difference. The amount of money that a donor gives to a cause doesn’t make a difference. Large corporations that give millions want their voice to be heard and so does the average person who only gives a few dollars. They want to tell their story or have input into the best way to change a negative social situation. Nonprofits will have to provide their donors with a platform that will allow them to be heard by everyone.


Nonprofits are Going to Team Up with Third Party Organizations to Reach Donors

Another philanthropy trend that will be present in 2020 has to do with third party donations. According to Nonprofit Tech for Good, third party businesses will be utilized for reaching more donors. Third party businesses used for this purpose will include streaming services, video sites, various mobile applications and through various service orientated enterprises.


Nonprofit Platforms for Building Communities and Keeping Donors

Nonprofit organizations are constantly expanding on mobile platforms for building donor communities. Mobile devices, computers and various forms of electronics are being integrated into an interconnected scheme to keep donors aware a cause. Nonprofit platforms will utilize applications, websites, blogs, social media and mobile advertising to provide donors with information, donation opportunities and updates about issues.


Text Donations will Increase

Donors are going to be giving more money through text messages. This is important because text message giving is easy to perform, and people generally pay attention to what is being sent to their phones. This method of giving will increase throughout 2020 and beyond.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will be used for more philanthropy efforts in 2020. This means that donors will be able to give more giving to their causes with less efforts. They can simply tell their smartphones to give a donation and an AI program will perform this task. Donors will continue to stay more involved with a cause.